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My case is the same as yours…

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My case is the same as yours...

The United States is a country of immigrants and always will be. This land has always been home to people from all over the world, and cities like Miami are proof of that. There is no immigrant who has not needed or is not interested in learning how to complete immigration procedures before the Government Immigration Agency. Migratory issues will always be news in our newspapers, radio and television. Proof of this is this column.

Living in a city like Miami, it is very common to find among our friends, relatives and acquaintances people who are trying to fix their immigration status, or people who cannot fix it for different reasons. Having lived in this city for years, having gone through these procedures and having the papers in order, or not, keeping informed about changes in immigration laws and policy, makes many people believe that they can give advice and counsel on immigration issues.

In this city there is always someone who knows someone who had a case just like yours, and was deported, asylee, approved or denied. Very often people come to my office telling me that their relative or co-worker, with a case just like theirs, solved their immigration problem in such and such a way. Or they come with fear on their faces because their neighbor or friend has told them that they have heard on TV, radio, or from someone else that cases like theirs are denied.

In these times of uncertainty, it is very important to be clear that no two cases are alike, no matter how similar they may be. Sometimes it is enough that the persons are nationals of different countries for the case to be different, or it is enough that they entered the country on different dates or through different places. No two cases are ever the same.

Although our friend or relative’s case may seem very similar to our own, the best advice we can give is to seek the advice of an immigration attorney. When you go to the appointment, it is necessary to bring all your documents and papers processed with the immigration agency. Tell the lawyer the details of your case, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Many times this makes a difference.

Lawyers not only have a duty of confidentiality to our clients, but also to those who are not clients, but come to consult with us about their case.

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