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Isabel Bacigalupo

Isabel Bacigalupo

Legal Assistant

Isabel Bacigalupo was born in Lima Peru, after finishing high school in 1989 she came to the United States with a Student Visa to study at Miami Dade College. During her time studying, she met and married an American citizen. Due to this event his plans changed, deciding to stay in the United States permanently and therefore changing his legal status. It was there that he understood the importance of a good attorney to handle his immigration case since poor advice and experience with his attorney at the time delayed his process considerably. A process that was relatively straightforward was mishandled, delaying the outcome of temporary residency. This delay prevented him from traveling to see family members for important events.

Isabel studied in the world of art and fashion. That experience and more than 30 years living in Miami, USA gave him the opportunity to meet many people of diverse nationalities living in the United States. People who come to this country in search of the American dream, with the ambition to come to study, work and achieve a better lifestyle for themselves and their family as she did.

It was then that she realized her interest in helping to make that dream a reality for so many and changed her career path to work as a paralegal. Isabel works for Marcela Rodriguez ESQ team since November 2017, a professional, friendly team, with a true vocation to help the client to reach the desired legal immigration status. What he is most proud of is assisting and giving many people the opportunity to gain legal status in the United States and above all to reunite families. The greatest satisfaction is when clients write or call you expressing how grateful and happy they are to be able to enjoy their family members after having been separated for a long time. There is no greater satisfaction than that.