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Karelys Vasallo

Karelys Vasallo


Karelys Vasallo was born in Jovellanos, a municipality in Matanzas province in Cuba. He comes from a family affected and divided by the political situation in his country.

She wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor when she was a child, but when she arrived at the pre-university and understood how both specialties developed in communist Cuba, she decided to choose Sociology. For 5 years she studied at the University of Havana obtaining a degree in Sociology in 2013.

Graduated in Sociology “the science that makes you uncomfortable” in Cuba and after several years of trying to apply her valuable knowledge in a regime that represses free thought, she decided, in the year 2021, to seek asylum in the United States; the country of freedom and opportunities.

A year and a day after arriving in the United States, he was able to apply for the Cuban Adjustment Act thanks to the advice and accompaniment of an immigration attorney.

She is currently a Permanent Resident of the United States and is beginning her dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen.