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Luis Mauny

Luis Mauny


Luis was born and lived in Lima-Peru until he was 18 years old with his mother and younger brother. His mother was presented with the opportunity to travel to the United States on an employment visa and since this would allow her to offer a better life to her two children, she accepted the proposal, arriving in the USA in 1984.

Shortly thereafter, she was able to obtain U.S. Residency and as soon as that happened, she sought professional help to start the petition process for her two minor children.

This is how Luis and his brother achieved the American Residency and later Citizenship.

Once in this wonderful country, Luis was able to complete his studies and develop professionally.

His quest to help others and provide service to others led him to work in various jobs, all related to assisting and helping the public.

Finally, she was presented with the opportunity to join the staff of Marcela Rodriguez’s law firm where she constantly seeks to help clients achieve the long-awaited dream of becoming American citizens or reuniting with family members who, for various reasons, had to remain in their home countries.