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Deferred Action, TPS, Humanitarian Paroles

If you are looking for Miami deferred action lawyers, you have come to the right place. We have expert lawyers on the whole issue of deferred action and its repercussions on the demand for all types of permits. To be well informed about deferred action it would be best to consult an attorney specialized and experienced in the entire area of immigration. There are many questions you may have about the deferred action and that is why we at Marcela Rodriguez want to support you in the best way possible.

Deferred Action is a policy of receiving relief from deportation or from the initiation of deportation proceedings for those young people who demonstrate that they meet the requirements for Deferred Action. These young people may apply for Deferred Action for a period of two years, renewable in two-year increments. This process includes the possibility of applying for employment authorization.

It is good to have the possibility for young people to qualify for Deferred Action but we must be clear about what is involved so that we are not fooled by unscrupulous people who may be taking advantage of these changes and misinforming about them. Undocumented youth are wondering if they should retain the services of an immigration attorney to help them file their DACA applications. Some applicants may try to fill out their forms and initiate the application process on their own, but there are several issues that require the advice of a deferred action attorney.

The key points to consider in determining whether you qualify for deferred stock are:

To apply for the Deferred Action program, you must inform DHS of your unauthorized presence in the country and in return you will be able to obtain a deportation-free pass for a period of 2 years plus the opportunity to work legally with a valid identity document. Most applicants are unsure and need truthful answers to fundamental questions such as:

¿Pondré a mi familia o empleador en peligro?
¿Qué pasaria después de los primeros dos años?
¿Quién tendrá acceso a la información que dare?
¿Qué pasa si no se tiene los documentos mas comunes que se requiere?
¿Se podria aplicar si se usa un número de seguro social inválido o una licencia de conducir falsa?
¿Qué otros riesgos existen en todo esto?

It is imperative to consult an attorney who clearly understands the immigration laws and knows how to apply them in order to make the appropriate decision as to whether to apply for Deferred Action. Our deferred action attorneys will provide clear and well-informed advice. We work with the utmost confidentiality and are governed by the Attorney-Client status, which is between the two parties sharing information.