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No license: easy prey

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No license: easy prey

I hear more and more stories of immigrants whose driver’s licenses or work permits have expired and who request the services of unscrupulous people who guarantee to obtain these documents in a short period of time.

After paying for these services, these people, who I doubt are immigration lawyers, although many present themselves as such, process unsubstantiated asylum applications.

Asylum allows an individual to seek refuge in the United States because of persecution (or a well-founded fear of persecution) by his or her government (or groups it cannot control) on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion. The demand for evidence documenting this persecution is one of the highest in immigration matters.

The asylum application is filed without the need to pay any fees to Immigration. And while it is being reviewed, the applicant obtains a temporary work permit. Upon receipt of the notification, the applicant may obtain a driver’s license.

What no one warns you is that, if you do not follow through with the asylum process, it will be denied for abandonment, resulting in a deportation order for the applicant.

Don’t become another victim of these individuals who take advantage of your desperation and without remorse urge you to file unfounded cases only to abandon you to your fate. Always seek the advice of an Immigration Lawyer. We have a social responsibility, a license behind us and a reputation to protect.

Unfortunately, the chances of work authorization and driver’s license renewal are nil for many. Do not complicate your situation and that of your family with a deportation order. Read well and seek advice before signing any document.

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