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If you are looking for deferred action lawyers in Miami you have come to the right place. We have expert lawyers on the whole issue of deferred action and its repercussions on the demand for all types of permits. In order to be well informed about the deferred action it would be best to consult a specialized lawyer and experience throughout the immigration area. There are many questions that can be had about the deferred action and that is why in Marcela Rodríguez we do not want to support in the best way

Deferred Action consists of a policy to receive relief from deportation or against the initiation of the deportation process for those youth who demonstrate that they meet the requirements set forth for receiving the so-called Deferred Action. These young people may request such Deferred Action for a period of two years, renewable for two-year terms. This process includes the possibility of applying for employment authorization.

Lawyer Deferred Action Immigration Attorney Miami Florida Usa

It is good to have the possibility that the young people who qualify for the Deferred Action but it is necessary to be clear of what it is not to be deceived by people inescule that can be taking advantage of these changes and badly to inform about them. Undocumented youth wonder if they should hire the services of an immigration attorney to help them file their applications to the DACA program. Some applicants may try to fill out their forms and start the application process by themselves but there are several issues that require the advice of a lawyer in deferred action.

The key points to consider in order to know if you qualify the deferred action is:

  1. I entered the United States being a monor of 16 years of age
  2. He has resided uninterruptedly in the United States during the monkeys 5 years before June 15, 2012
  3. Be physically present in the United States as of June 15, 2012
  4. Currently attending school, having graduated from high school, having obtained a general education development certificate (GED), or being a veteran who has been discharged with honors from the Coast Guard or the United States Forces United
  5. Failure to have been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor, multiple misdemeanors or a threat to national security or public safety
  6. Not to be over 30 years of age as of June 15, 2012

In order to apply to the Deferred Action program, DHS must be informed of the unauthorized presence in the country and in return a free pass for deportation may be obtained for a period of 2 years plus the opportunity to work legally with a valid identity document . Most applicants are unsure and need truthful answers to key questions like:

  • Will I put my family or employer in danger?
  • What would happen after the first two years?
  • Who will have access to the information I give?
  • What happens if you do not have the most common documents required?
  • Could it apply if you use an invalid social security number or a fake driver’s license?
  • What other risks exist in all this?

It is essential to consult a lawyer who clearly understands immigration laws and knows how to apply them to make the appropriate decision on whether to apply to the Deferred Action program. Our lawyers in deferred action will provide clear and knowledgeable advice. We work with the utmost confidentiality and are governed by the Attorney-Client status, which is shared between the two parties.

Lawyer Deferred Action Immigration Attorney Miami Florida Usa