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Nonimmigrant visas are granted only for a temporary stay. Given that these Visas are temporary, the improvement of them is not subject to restricted quotas. They are the following:

  • Work or Business
  • VVisas for victims of crime and assistance to the authorities
  • Educational

Work or Business:
• B-1 Visa, For business matters in the USA (Does not authorize employment permit)
• H-1B Visa, For professional workers, with university degrees and / or advanced professional experience (Definite Time)
• Visa H-2A, and H-2B, For less skilled workers (Definite Time)
• H-3 Visa, temporary visa for trainers
• Visa I, For foreign representatives of the media
• Visa L, For executives and corporate managers of multinational companies, or people with specialized knowledge
• Visa O, For individuals who demonstrate extraordinary skills in science, arts, education, business, or athletics
• Visa P, For internationally recognized athletes and artists
• Visa Q, For people participating in international cultural exchange programs
• Visa R, For professionals working for religious organizations
• TN Visa, for Mexican Mexicans and Canadians admitted under NAFTA to participate in professional activities

Visas for victims of crime and assistance to the authorities:

• Visa S, For persons who have reliable / important information concerning criminal organizations
• Visa T, For people who have been victims of severe sexual traffic
• Visa U, For persons who have been victims of severe violence / crimes (including domestic violence)

• F-1 Visa, for people participating in academic studies (full-time program) at approved institutions
• Visa M-1, For persons participating in non-academic studies (full-time program) in recognized institutions
• Visa J-1, For people who come to the USA as a researcher, teacher, student, non-academic specialist, camp counselor, au pair, or summer student in a work / travel program

NOTE: Always check with our immigration attorneys to know how to qualify for one of these Visas.

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Non Immigrant Visas Immigration Attorney Miami Florida Usa