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IMMIGRANT VISAS: Employment-Based

Every year the United States welcomes thousands of workers across multiple occupations or categories of employment. They include investors, executive managers, scientific researchers, artists, cultural exchange participants, religious workers, scientists, nurses, farm workers. All foreign workers must be authorized to work in the USA. Consult our immigration lawyers for more information.

This is a list of temporary employment-based visas. Each category of employment has different admission requirements, conditions authorized period of stay. Alicantes must comply with the terms and conditions of these Visas.

First Preference-Workers with Priority, EB-1 (this is a self-petition category)

  • People with Extraordinary Abilities
  • Professionals and Researchers
  • Multinational Executives and Managers

Second Preference-Professors with Advanced Education or Immigrant Exceptional Skills, EB-2

  • Exceptional Skills
  • National Interest Issues
  • Foreign Medical Graduates
  • Nurse
  • Scientists (Soviets)

Third Preference-Professionals, Expert Workers and Other Workers, EB-3

  • Professional-Workers Experts

Fourth Preference-Special Immigrants, EB-4

  • Religious Workers

Fifth Preference-Job Creation (Investors), EB-5

  • Investors

Immigrant Visas United States Immigration Attorney Miami Florida Usa