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Strategies for obtaining a Visitor Visa to the United States

You will probably have heard more than once stories of people who the US Consulate rejected when applying for a visitor visa.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a matter of luck to be approved. The Consulates base their decisions on the United States Immigration Law and its regulations. The Immigration Act presumes that any person applying for a visitor visa intends to migrate to, ie stay in, the United States.

It is the job of the person requesting the visa to convince the consulate officer that the trip is temporary and that his intention is to return to his country of origin.

The interview with the Immigration Officer of the Consulate is the only opportunity that the applicant has to convince him. Applicants come with purchased airline tickets, invitation letters from relatives or friends in the United States, and complete travel itineraries throughout the country.

But even more important than this is to be able to prove to the Officer that the applicant maintains ties with his country of origin that he is not willing to abandon. It is not so important to prove that there are valid reasons for traveling as to show that there are much more compelling reasons to return to your country.

Having properties, employment, family, assets, bank accounts, insurance, projects in your country, will facilitate the approval of a visitor visa. This visa does not authorize the traveler to work in the United States, so it is important to prove that you have money to pay for the trip and stay, or that there is a person in the United States who is responsible for these expenses and in turn is made Responsible for the return of the traveler within the specified time limits.

The Immigration Officers of the Consulate interview people, not documents, so while it is important to document all of the above, it is equally and even more important to be able to express the intention to return to your country in a succinct and clear way. Many times this is what determines the success of an interview.

And above all, under no circumstances declare or present anything inaccurate or false to an Immigration Officer of the Consulate. This can be considered fraud and bring with it criminal complaints.

Be prepared to show with documents any statement made to the Officer.

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