Attorney Marcela C. Rodriguez, informs her

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Attorney Marcela C. Rodriguez, informs her

Given the events of the weekend January 2017, by the executive orders of the new government regarding immigration, I would like to say the following:
1. My solidarity with the nationals of certain countries who have been affected by detentions at the airports and ports of the country. While the security of the country is paramount for all, I consider that the way it is implementing is NOT adequate and the fear and uncertainty in the population.
2. Executive orders include the detention and interrogation of permanent residents born in the countries indicated in the executive mandate, even if they have not been allowed to travel to the United States.
3. On Saturday (Jan 28) in the afternoon a Federal Judge placed some parts of the executive order in the part corresponding to the deportation of the national foreigners, that is to say, not to be deported only by the executive order.
4. On Sunday (Jan. 29), the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement in which Secretary Kelly states that admission to the United States of Permanent Residents born in those countries as a “national interest”, therefore, Residues Permanent Residents who are those who are not a threat to the security of the country, are admitted as always.
5. Those individuals with visas who serve interrogated until there is no child in the security of the country.
Friends, live different times. Action is needed. I do not disagree with the marches, if they are peaceful of course. But I think it’s more effective. Take the phone and call our Representatives and Senators and express our dissatisfaction. While it is true that our Hispanic countries are not on the list and “ours” are not affected, we do not know if at some point our country of origin will fall on that list. Solidaricémonos with the friendly and humane treatment to the foreign visitor and to the immigrant, of any country that this sea.
The time has changed. If you are a permanent resident of this country, you are already 4 years and 9 months as such, or more, and have not made you an American citizen, what do you expect? You do not need to hire an immigration lawyer to do this, but if you are going to hire someone, let them be an immigration lawyer. If you have problems with the law, problems with child support, or many trips abroad, seek professional advice.
It is time to report on our rights, duties and possibilities to solve our migratory problems. Please look for official sources and professionals to do so.

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