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Corinne Says Mixing Pills & Alcohol Caused Her Blackout On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Corinne Says Mixing Pills & Alcohol Caused Her Blackout On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Corinne will sit down with Chris Harrison on Tuesday night’s episode of to evade hash out, yet again, what happened on that beach that caused production to shutdown. But before we got to see Harrison’s excellent investigative interview skills, Corinne gave her first public interview after the incident to Good Morning America.


First of all, Corinne shows up to the interview pretty muted, as far as Corinne goes. She’s sort of covered up, until they take the wide shot and we realize she’s wearing a mini-skirt. Her hair is kind of, like, different than she normally wears it. Also, she didn’t skimp on the glow. I see that highlight, girl! She looks generally dignified and not like a hot mess who would combine pills and alcohol and dehydration—which, spoiler alert, she did. But we’ll get to all of that in a minute.

Corinne tells GMI’s Amy Robach she’s been laying low and taking it all in. Taking all the drama in and not telling people DeMario was not a rapist? I mean, maybe not the best time to stay silent when one of your friends is being accused by America of assaulting you.

She says she doesn’t remember anything that happened during the “incident”. She admits she drank too much and was also on medication that, when combined with booze, causes an instant blackout. I don’t know what that pill would be, because I’m neither a doctor, pharmacist, nor a (pill) addict but okay. I can see that happening.

Corinne says she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to drink on the meds. What kind of garbage doctors and pharmacists are in Miami? I feel like every doctor I’ve ever been to tells me not to drink with practically every medication. Kind of like how they tell you your birth control will be all fucked up if you’re on antibiotics. IDK if it’s true but I definitely don’t want to risk that shit.


She said the combo of the booze and pills made her totally black out like she was on anesthesia. She tells Robach that she’s weaning off the medication because she doesn’t want that to happen again. Interesting choice considering she could just not drink at all, but I guess we all make our own decisions. She also says she’s cutting back on the alcohol. Go figure.

This is where I think the interview falls into BS territory. After the incident she referred to herself as a “victim”. We have the statement. We have the receipts. She said it in plain English. However, she says she was not a victim from DeMario, which was basically what it sounded like with that claim; instead, she blames the media. HOLD UP. You don’t get to throw yourself on multiple reality shows and then blame the media when people talk shit about you. If you wanted a nice, private life, you don’t do .

She says she doesn’t blame producers at all. I mean, of course not. Those people are probably helping you get your own reality show and scripted show as we speak. Also, she says there’s no bad blood between her and DeMario and that she wishes him well. I mean, I highly doubt that there’s NO bad blood between them at all, considering a TV show was almost canceled and lives were changed forever, but sure.


Corinne must have some dang good lawyers and coaches because she effectively shucked blame and also made herself seem like victim in the situation. Of course, no one deserves to have their life ruined because of some bad choices they made on a beach in Mexico, but I feel like Corinne isn’t really the one that needs justice here. It’s DeMario.


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